Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sephora Evening à la Française!

Last night I was invited to a private evening at Sephora. After hearing about these evenings, thanks to the American bloggers and their experiences, I was intrigued to discover what our little French Sephora had in store for us! I invited my friend Victoria, who you will see in the photos, a very close friend of mine who is equally obsessed with beauty and fashion!

We were first welcomed with a glass of champagne. Initial thoughts : OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO BLOODY POSH! Which was then followed by a feast of sweeties, macaroons, mini pâtisseries and fresh fruit. I must say, I was impressed! From the overall presentation, the kindness of the staff and down to every fine detail that had gone into this evening ... I was just left speechless!!! (A very rare occasion, I might add!)  

The infamous macaroon mountain!! Yummy! 
More culinary delights ... how they kept my greedy paws away I'll never know!

The staff had set out several workshops including a perfume stand, a nail polish stand and Victoria’s favourite : the make-up stand. I loved how there were little games to discover the products on offer and to be able to interact with the staff and merch without being eyed by the security guard (yes, being a student does have its disadvantages!) We truly felt like royalty. I know that this is just a technique to get us to purchase more from Sephora, but to be honest, I don’t really mind spending money there after a brilliant night like that! 

Victoria getting ready for her makeover!
"I'm ready for my close up!"
A lovely member of the Sephora staff (sorry about the shoddy lighting)
Sephora stand

During the evening we were offered roses and a professional photographer took a few snaps of us both in front of a Sephora back drop. Victoria and I felt like we were in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, it was just a fantastic atmosphere.

I wanted everything on this stand ...
And Victoria wanted everything on this one!
Victoria getting pampered.
I was so honoured to be invited and can’t wait to go back again soon! Thank you to all the Sephora staff for making the night so unforgettable and to Victoria, my amazing guest of honour, for being herself (coccinelle!!! <3 ).

Have you ever been to a Sephora private event, what did you think about it? 
If not, would you like to ?  


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